About Us

Over the last ten years we have been the builders as Ajay constructions, successfully constructed apartments with innovative thoughts.

 Now we are launching in to garments division as Ajay Enterprises with modern trendy designs collaborating with German garments Brand “MY STONE”. With website seeyou.co.in

Seeyou.co.in for the first time is launching customize selection with a unique caption “You design we provide”. The customer will be the designer for this apparels and will decide the measurements, styles and colours using at “Customer Size Guide” & "Style Guide".

How to Use Customer Size Guide & Style Guide

Step - 1  The customer will decide the model   “Model Selection”;(CasualFormal Shirts)

Step - 2  If the customer is eager to modify the measurements, can select  “Measurements” (Size Guide)

Step – 3  If the customer is ready to decide style, can also select “Style” (Style Guide)

Step – 4  If the customer is eager to decide trendy fashions, can also select “Trendy Fashions”(Trendy Fashions).

            The customer can decide Model, Measurements, Style and trendy fashions

                         Seeyou.co.in to ready to full fill customers dream

                                        “You design we provide”